LifeGroups are the heartbeat of our church.

When the idea of “church” first began, it was a group of people who lived life together. These small group communities as seen in the book of Acts lived intentional lives focused on loving Jesus and loving those around them, and through them the world was changed. LifeGroup is a place to encounter God’s presence, go deep in His Word, share life together, invite friends and have an absolute blast. It is also the best way to get connected to our church.

Below you'll find information about each LifeGroup zone, and links to find a LifeGroup that’s best for you.

College LifeGroups

College Pastor: Chris Gerac

We believe life with Jesus was always meant to be a wild adventure, and LifeGroups are a place we live it out. We don't want to be students that just talk about the Bible, we want to walk it out like the first group of young believers did in Acts 2:42-47. We gather in homes with our friends, we eat together, hang out, laugh, worship God, and get real about our lives. Wherever you are in your journey or whatever you believe, college LifeGroups are for you.

Young Adult LifeGroups

Young Adult Pastors:
Scott & Alyssa Steinhouse

Young Adult LifeGroups are for anyone after college, married or single, who is looking to pursue Jesus and thrive in community. Our hope as we gather young adults in LifeGroup is to see this vision carry out into our spheres of influence around Salt Lake City. 

Adults & Families LifeGroups

Families & Kids Pastors:
Murray & Laken Watts

Families LifeGroups are for families with kids who are still living in the home who are looking for a community of people in the same season of life. Families LifeGroups are a safe place for you to be encouraged, empowered and equipped to grow in your personal relationship with Jesus and to be disciple makers in your home and your other spheres of influences.