Codi & Kate Wasion
Lead Pastors

The Wasions love the Church because their lives have been changed by Jesus through the local Church being who she was meant to be. They believe that the Church is the hope of our city, and in turn the cities and nations of the world. Codi & Kate love serving the local Church knowing that it is God's Plan A for people and it is what He’s coming back for.

Before becoming Lead Pastor, Codi served as the Executive Pastor here at Antioch for 3 years. Kate has 8 years of experience as a Kids Pastor, three of which were here at Antioch SLC.

When they aren’t doing church work, you can find Codi watching or playing sports, wandering around a gym pretending he knows how to workout, playing with their two little ones, Eleanor and Shepard, convincing himself he’s good at snowboarding, or watching Netflix. Meanwhile Kate is probably loving her kiddos, enjoying her hot tub, napping if possible, or eating Chick-fil-A.

If you’d like to get in touch with Codi or Kate, please contact our administrator, Alyssa Steinhouse.