October 15, 2018

Dear Antioch Family,

We want to inform you of some staff transitions at Antioch Salt Lake City, and to let you know what we feel like God is saying about this next season for our church. Right off the bat, know that God is good, He has good things for all of us and He loves our church and its impact in this city.

Our lead pastors, JR & Brittany Baker, have been on a journey over the last few years of figuring out if they agree with specific parts of the doctrine of the Antioch Movement and of Antioch SLC. A doctrine is a guiding set of beliefs that help guide church leaders as they lead, preach and teach. It became clear during the last handful of months that the Bakers were in process with their convictions regarding some of  the doctrine of the church.

The Senior Leadership team (JR & Brittany Baker, Codi & Kate Wasion and Noland & Sara Gilmore) and Board of Directors agreed there needed to be unity of vision for the church and clarity on our doctrine in order to move forward in health. So out of a heart to serve the church and to see it move forward with clarity of vision, the Bakers made the decision to step down as Lead Pastors of Antioch SLC.

This was a weighted decision, but one made out of love for the church. The Bakers’ heart has always been and will remain forever to see this church flourish and be all she has been called to be in this city. Rest assured that this decision and the logistics of the transition have been made with Antioch SLC’s best in mind. To that end, we want to let you know that Codi and Kate Wasion will be stepping in as interim Lead Pastors.

There are a few things that we want you to know about this decision. First of all, you need to know how much we love and honor the Bakers. They have laid down their lives to see this church built. They have impacted countless lives and will forever have an inheritance in this church and in this city. They have loved, served, fought for, and championed countless individuals and the dream of the church as a whole. Their decision to step down is yet another example of how much they love and cherish what Jesus is doing in this family as they seek to preserve unity and clear direction for the church moving forward.

Next, you need to know God is still God, and the mission, culture, and DNA of the church isn’t changing. Our heart to Love Jesus, Love each other, and Love our city will never change. The promises over this church and over this city are still yes and amen. God is not done working through this church to bless this city, and our heart to be a safe place for all people to come encounter Jesus and hear the Gospel will never change.

Lastly we want you to know right now that our main concern in this transition process is our people and making sure they feel safe, covered and led well. To that end we have put together a Transition Team of eight people to help serve this process over the next 6 months. Our senior leaders, church staff, transition team, and Board are committed loving and serving the church.

Our highest priority in the weeks and months ahead is to help people feel covered in this process, and we are available for questions & to help anyone who needs it in processing this transition. We love this church family so deeply, and we know our best days are ahead of us!

God is good, and He loves this family and this city.

With great hope & expectation,
Antioch SLC Senior Leadership Team