How did you apply what we learned about Spending Time With God to your life last week? How did it go? What was easy and what was hard about it?


Jesus came so that we could have a relationship with him; not just in Heaven, but now! And you can't have a relationship without conversations. Imagine being in a relationship with either absolutely no talking ever, or one-sided conversations where only one member ever speaks. That would be frustrating, not to mention a very short relationship. I never thought about it until I heard about the topic of Hearing God, but how often do we put God in this box. It's easy for us think that in our walks with Jesus that we should talk to Him, but rarely do we really consider that maybe he really wants to talk to us too. If we are made in God's image and he gave us the ability to speak with each other, wouldn't he then want to speak with us too?

  • Read John 10:2-5 & 27.
    • What do these verses mean to you in terms of hearing God?

Ways God Can Speak to Us | God is not limited, but these are a few ways He can speak:

  • The Bible: Hebrews 4:12
  • Impressions or Feelings: John 14:26
  • Thoughts or Words: 1 Kings 19:11-13
  • Mental Pictures: John 8:38
  • Visions or Dreams: Acts 16:9-10

Is there time that you felt like you heard God speak to you?


God loves to speak to us, especially when it comes to speaking identity over us. However, know that it is a process and a spiritual muscle for us to develop. Just like we can't go into a weight room and start benching 300 lbs but must start somewhere small and work our way up, so must we do so with hearing God. Ask Him, "God, what do you think of me." Write down and share what you hear. Ask Him everyday this week, "God, who am I?" Lastly, how can you personally commit to hearing God this week?