FOUNDATION ELEVEN: The Great Commission


What did you commit to last week from what we read about the church? How did it go?


The Bible is a story of God’s redemption of the world. It teaches us that God “so loved the world” (John 3:16). We do not worship the God of a certain region, people or country. We worship the God of all nations, and it is God’s heart that all people would come to know Him. As His children, we are commissioned with the task of taking the Gospel to all nations so God might receive the glory He is worthy of!

Read Acts 17:26-27. What is God’s desire for the nations?

The phrase “The Great Commission” comes from Jesus’s final words to us in Matthew 28:18-20. What does this passage say?

Read Romans 10:12-15. Why is it important for us to “go”?

Read Revelation 7:9. What will happen if we will obey The Great Commission?


What is God's heart for the nations?

  • How is God specifically calling you to play a part?
  • Take time to pray over another to hear how God may be calling you.

What's a simple way you can obey and live The Great Commission this week? What specifically will you do?