Learning How To Sabbath

Post written by Brittany Baker

On Sunday, JR preached about the Sabbath. In 1 Corinthians 9:24, it says to “run in such a way as to win the prize." Understanding the Sabbath and what that means to us today is important for all of us to make it for the long haul. We believe in the long haul at Antioch. Like, when I'm 93, you better be right beside me in the retirement home helping me lead my shuffleboard partner to Jesus.

I also believe that the Sabbath has a lot to do with our understanding of time. How much we allocate to things we need to do, are called to do and should actually say no to. In our resting, we remove the pride that it's up to us. We all have time, treasures and talents. And when we rest it is almost like tithing our time to Jesus. We say, again, that God can have it all. And in our rest He refreshes, re-envisions, and restores us for what we are made for. He sharpens us.

So, where are the places we need to step back and look at where we are allocating our time so that we can make it for the long haul and place importance on our Sabbath?  In Matthew 6:34, it talks about being present. Don't worry about tomorrow, because that day is not guaranteed.

Time is limited and one of the most precious things we have been gifted. Maybe some of us feel like we can't Sabbath because we don't have enough time, or we think providing is all on our shoulders, we pride ourselves in being the one that always says YES, or we use busyness to run away from things we need to deal with. I don't know where you are on the spectrum. But it's so important that we start involving God in this dialogue as we discover what this looks like for each of us.

Below I have listed some questions to ask yourself that will hopefully help you and God start a conversation about rest. I encourage you to grab some quiet moments and ask God these questions and see what He points out to you. I find he is actually way more kind to me than I am to myself. Without God, processing is just a list of how you don't measure up. BUT with God, He is faithful to point out a few things He sees in this season, and remains patient in our process. He is not always there highlighting your faults.

Remember, God sees you as holy and blameless in Jesus Christ. How bout dem apples? Ok, on to the questions...

What revives me and makes me come alive? Where do I find true rest? 

If you have no clue, take note of what fills up your tank. For me its mowing the lawn and maybe cleaning out a closet I have decided to stuff with random objects for the past few months... say what? I know, weird. That's not the usual answer. Hence why you should start taking note of these things. (Who knows, maybe cat juggling is something that makes you feel refreshed.)

What are some time wasters that are posing as places of relaxation?

For me, it's "turning off my brain" and searching Instagram like I'm in the FBI. It poses as rest, but actually does nothing for me.

What am I called to do? And am I saying YES to things that further this calling and NO to things that clutter my mission?

What does Sabbath look like for me this week?

This is something I have to ask myself each week, because I have an unpredictable schedule, as I'm sure most of you do. So, this is important to ask each week, because sometimes rest might look like pockets of time or it might look like a whole day.

What do I plan to do for my Sabbath this week?

Having a plan might seem funny, but it helps you actually get what you need.

Are there any places where rest is hard for me? Are there things that get brought up when I choose to be still that I've been avoiding, but need to deal with? If so, what are they?


JR and I love you so much and cannot wait to hear your testimonies and revelations!