Antioch Kids: Engaging the Crisis

During the month of December, the Antioch Kids Ministry took up an offering every Sunday to help refugee families fleeing from Syria to Greece. As a church, we are committed to engaging the refugee crisis in any way we can, and it was humbling and powerful to see our kids lead out in that!

The organization that our Kids Ministry partnered with is called Carry the Future, started by a group of moms committed to helping migrant moms meet a simple, but great need: baby carriers for the children they carry as they flee their war-torn nation. 


Carry the Future provides relief to refugee families while they are on their journeys to asylum. They specialize in giving baby carriers to families with babies and toddlers. The carriers are hand-delivered to refugees, where they are fitted and instructed on proper use to ensure safety for the baby and longevity of the carrier.

As our kids participated in their Christmas Coin Collection throughout December, we as a church wanted to match their donation at the end of the month and purchase as many carriers as the money we raised could cover. When it came time to donate for the carriers, we were just $10 short of being able to purchase 6 carriers.

Right as Kate, our Kids Pastor, was about to cover the extra $10 and purchase a 6th carrier, she received a call on FaceTime from two of our Antioch kids. They were calling to tell her they had $10 that they wanted to donate to the refugees!

We are so proud of our kids for giving to others in need, and it was so encouraging to see kids respond to God, all the way down to the last dollar.

We say it all the time — there is no such thing as a “junior Holy Spirit” — and we love how this story reminds us that God is moving in our church, speaking to our children and using them to lead out in generosity & obedience.

If you want to learn more about Carry the Future, there’s a great story on their mission here.